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A Quiet Place – Movie Review

A Quiet Place - An Adrenaline Rush that Paused Mid-Way

Date: April 7, 2018

Theater: Screen 3, Carnival Cinemas, Sports Hub, Trivandrum

Release Date: April 6, 2018

Thanks to those people who wrote positive reviews, I wasted an hour and a half watching A Quiet Place, a mediocre creature-horror flick. It was neither scary nor thrilling to me. But, yea, it did have a couple of mandatory jump-scares.

A Quiet Place is set in 2020 when the earth is under the attack of extraterrestrial beings. Mr. Lee, his wife, three kids, and a newborn are being tormented by these creatures. These are creepy like all other creatures we are familiar with. But, their USP is that they are blind and attack if you make a noise. Apparently, there are only three creatures of this kind in town.

The movie is mostly silent. The family uses sign language to communicate and lives in a house where maximum precautions are taken to avoid noise. It also has a soundproof basement where Mrs. Lee delivers a baby. Parental love and care are given due importance in the movie. Mr. Lee sacrifices himself in order to protect his children from the vicious creature.

Mrs. Lee and her daughter finally identify the weakness of the creature and destroy one of them. The noise created in the process attracts the remaining two creatures to the house. With the newly gained wisdom, the duo is all set to face the attack. In all previous incidents, only one of the creatures appeared. It is commendable that both the creatures decided to come together to make things easier.

The movie has only a few characters in it. An old man and his dead wife appear in a scene, to represent the entire human race other than the Lees.

What I Liked

  • All actors, including John Krasinski and Emily Blunt (Mr. and Mrs. Lee) have done well.

What Didn’t Impress Me

  • The movie as a whole.


  • This is my personal review. As the movie generally has a lot of positive reviews, you could give it a try at your own risk.


I am a lover of horror movies. I have always had this “thing” towards ghosts, those unfortunate beings who are often exploited and mistreated for their innate gory nature. I missed you guys! Sigh!

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